EP356. Marshmallow psychology experiment not only about self-discipline / Make a wish to give back to the future

Duration: 0:16:50.800000

The speaker in this video starts by welcoming the viewers and introducing herself as a Pakistani living in Chiang Mai. She talks about how COVID-19 has affected her plans for New Year's Eve and how she spent the evening at home with a bottle of mulled wine. She then shares a story about a psychology experiment called the Marshmallow Test which looked at the ability of children to resist temptation and how this trait affected their future success. The speaker talks about how this experiment can be applied to our own lives in terms of self-discipline and delaying gratification to achieve long-term goals. She emphasizes the importance of having a clear vision for the future in order to resist temptation in the present.

Dialogue with Bart Hofstede (He Fu), Cultural Counselor of the Dutch Embassy in China

Duration: 0:45:32

In this episode of "Art Knife", the host interviews Barksdale, the cultural attaché of the Netherlands embassy in China. The interview is conducted in English for better communication and cultural exchange. They discuss the impact of Covid-19 on cultural exchange and the work done by the embassy through online programs and collaborations with Chinese artists. They also touch upon the history and significance of Chinese art and architecture. The interview highlights the importance of cultural exchange in bringing people together and understanding different perspectives.

Language: Chinese
Topics: CultureCOVID-19

Convention on Biological Diversity: Efforts to stop harming the environment

Duration: 0:11:42

The United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity Conference was held in Kunming, China on November 11th with representatives from over 100 countries attending. Prior to the conference, the Kunming Declaration was passed on October 13th, which aimed to stop the destruction of life in the next decade. The conference focused on the theme of "Building a Shared Future for All Life on Earth," with an emphasis on ecological civilization. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference was split into two phases and included an ecological forum with participation from international organizations, research institutions, social groups, and businesses. During the first phase of the conference, 98 ministers from 94 countries attended and passed the Kunming Declaration, which set four main goals for protecting global biodiversity until 2050, as well as ten targets for 2030 and 21 specific tasks. The declaration called for urgent coordinated action by all countries to transform all sectors of the global economy to achieve these goals.

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Topics: COVID-19Biology

EP2 Optimum epidemic prevention distance - zero-contact financial services

Duration: 0:33:24

The use of contactless financial services has increased significantly due to the impact of COVID-19, accelerating its development. In Taiwan, over half the population uses electronic payment tools, with more than 30% of transactions being conducted without cash. This has created a new battleground for financial institutions to offer better services to attract more users. One such institution is eBank, a digital bank that offers all banking services on a mobile device. The bank aims to provide convenience for customers by allowing 24/7 access to their accounts and offering unique services such as Dream Accounts, which allows customers to save money towards a specific goal and see their progress with personalized visuals. Other institutions like allPay have expanded beyond their original role as an electronic wallet service in supermarkets to become a full-fledged digital bank, offering a wide range of financial services.

Language: Chinese

Nancy Thermal Baths Reborn

Duration: 0:05:22

The city of Nancy, located in the northeast of France, is not only a historic and culturally rich city but also a modern city with unique architectural styles, such as the works of the famous architect Emile André. One of its many historic landmarks, Les Bains de Nancy, a thermal spa, has been renovated and reopened this spring after being closed for many years. The renovation project was led by the French architect Lanternier. Since its initial conception, the thermal spa has had its ups and downs, experiencing setbacks such as the First World War and the recent COVID-19 pandemic. However, the reopening of Les Bains de Nancy has brought great opportunities to the city, including job creation and increased tourism, as well as providing potential health benefits through the therapeutic qualities of the spa's water.

European independent survey: Chinese vaccine is least effective among five vaccines

Duration: 0:10:18

Despite China having achieved a vaccination rate of 80% for its population, and therefore theoretically having achieved herd immunity, the government is still enforcing a zero-COVID policy. This has led to speculation that China's vaccine's efficacy may be one of the reasons for the policy, as the lack of transparency in clinical testing data has resulted in many countries refusing to import Chinese vaccines. While Hungary, a country closely linked to China, is one of the few nations to use Chinese vaccines, the government's lack of transparency in its vaccine procurement policies has drawn criticism from opposition parties. China's vaccine efficacy and its overall reliability remains a topic of global interest.

Language: Chinese