Insect life

Duration: 0:32:22

An increase in the average temperature on the planet by only 2 degrees will lead to the fact that insects will multiply dramatically and begin to destroy much more grain than before . Insect damage will worsen food security and could lead to world hunger . Regions with a temperate climate, like Latvia, will suffer the most .

Nitrogen in the atmosphere: is it worth worrying that there is so much of it?

Duration: 0:35:31

Artyom Oganov will discuss composition of the atmosphere of different planets . Find out why the air shell of our Earth is unique, why there is so much nitrogen in its atmosphere, about what is above the surface of Mars, Venus and other planets.

Garbage or cultural layer? Mysteries of archeology

Duration: 0:35:00

A person lives on planet Earth, has many daily chores and worries, and at some point it begins to seem to him that what he sees around him - houses, trees, roads, bridges, parks, shopping areas, cemeteries ... - it was and will be. But don't be fooled! The world is changing. Sometimes quickly, sometimes very slowly, it changes unexpectedly and systematically, the world changes in different ways .

Language: Russian