Genetic engineering of plants. Why is GMO not a biological term?

Duration: 0:36:06

Sofya Gerasimova, a senior researcher at the Kurchatov Genomic Center and Head of the Cultivated Plant Biotechnology Sector of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is visiting the Nature of Things program today . The reasons for the active development of scientific methods that affect the yield and other properties of plants lie

E102 | Can silicon-based civilization replace carbon-based civilization? Talk about the mind of AI and digital people

Duration: 0:54:36

In this episode of Silicon Valley 101, the guests discuss the possibility of silicon-based life and whether future civilizations may replace carbon-based life forms. They also explore the idea of biological bootloaders for AI as discussed by Elon Musk and consider the differences between digital and traditional life forms. They discuss the concept of intelligence and whether an infinite lifespan would be beneficial or detrimental to the development of a civilization. They also touch on the idea of the origins of life and the limitations of organic materials in forming complex structures. Overall, the discussion revolves around the potential future of life and civilization as we know it.